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Science Kits

This science curriculum is unlike any store-bought science kits. It is instead set up as a continuous learning experience. The kits not only build upon each other but are also interlinked. For example, when your child studies magnets with science kit 3, he/she will make a compass. This compass, in turn, will be used to study wind direction with a self-made weather vane from kit 4. This linkage enforces the learning of this science curriculum as a continuum as opposed to a one-time experience that children will most likely forget.

Note:  Parents (especially those with children age 9 and above) have the option of starting at a kit other than kit 1.  Some parents take this option (usually starting at kit 6, 7, or 10) while others like the review of the concepts in the earlier kits and start at kit 1 or 2.  If you choose to start at a kit other than kit 1, please indicate this in the appropriate place on the subscription form.


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