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Press & Awards ...

awards Below are some of the many national newspapers, magazines and parents magazines that have covered The Young Scientists Club in rrecent years.

The Chicago Tribune: "Kits Make Science Fun"

The Boston Globe: "Mail-order kits introduce young children to science studies"

Scientific American Explorations: "We encourage parents and homeschool teachers who are looking for ongoing science-education tools to look into these curriculum-based kits."

Parents Magazine: "The Glory of Stargazing"

Big Apple Parent: "A boon for homeschooling parents...also great for the kid who is extra interested in science and would love some at home experiments."

Chesapeake Family: "Started by a Harvard-trained biologist...who wanted fun and educational science activities for her own children."

Brooklyn Parent Magazine: "The Young Scientists Club is a unique and special gift idea for the budding scientist on your holiday list."

Middlesex County Parents Magazine: "Children love science. Especially when they join The Young Scientists Club."

The Providence Journal: "Kits turn bored kids into science bugs"

Newport Daily News: "Crazy About Science"

Massachusetts Today's Parent: "If you are looking for educational activities to enjoy with your child, The Young Scientists Club has the solution!...What a great way to spend time with you child!"

Atlanta Parent: "Here is a fun and inexpensive way to encourage science lovers."

Central California Parent: "light the spark in future scientists with a monthly kit designed to explore our universe...designed as an at-home supplement to school programs or as a learning tool for home-schoolers."

Brooklyn Family Magazine: "Hey, Mom & Dad, Get Your Kids Hooked On Science"

The Boston Parents Paper: "May We Suggest: If you'd like your 4- to 10-year old child to have fun with a little extracurricular science, the Young Scientists Club may be your answer"

Metro Parent Magazine: "Sign up for science!...Future Steven Hawkings can get a head start by joining the Young Scientists Club."

San Francisco Bay Parent: "Vacation days can be big fun for kids-or, sometimes, they can be downright boring. But what if you had a monthly science project to give the kids, complete with instructions and materials? Sign up now for The Young Scientists Club"

Today's Parent: "A Nature Walk For Young Scientists"

Rhode Island Parents Paper: "Website targets young scientists"

Cleveland/Akron Family: "Making science fun for kids"

L.A. Parent: "Science Safari...Science by Mail"

Minnesota Parent: "Sign up now for The Young Scientists"