Safety of kits
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For our international customers:
Please note that our system is set
up for U.S. customers so you will
receive an email confirming your
order and the total shipping and
handling cost for a foreign order.
For bulk orders please indicate in
the special instructions section which
kits you would like to order.
Canada: $2 is added to the shipping and handling cost of each kit (shipped air).

All other countries:
Option 1: Receive kits once a twice a month at a shipping and handling cost of $12.00 per kit (economy class 4 – 6 weeks
for first kit to arrive)

Option 2: Order a bulk shipment of a minimum of 6 kits shipped all at once. This will save you a large amount on shipping costs.

Six kits bulk shipped: $11.99/kit plus $36 shipping and handling = $107.94. All additional kits (over the first 6) have a
shipping charge of only $3/kit. For example the cost of a 9-kit bulk shipment is $11.99 x 9 plus $36 (for the first 6 kits)
+ $9 (the 7th – 9th kits) with a total cost of $152.91.

As an international customer you can also benefit from our 12-kit, 24-kit, and 33-kit bulk specials (See Specials!).
The kits are sent on the 1st OR 15th of each month
depending on when your subscription is received.
The kits are sent on the 1st AND 15th of each month.
Please note that you may cancel at any time or put your membership on hold (allow 7 days for processing).
To keep prices as low as possible, refunds are not available.
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